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Feel the roaring engines of F1 racing while soaking in the atmosphere from the Mercedes team garage. It is your choice whether enjoying the race from there or from the most luxurious suite you’ve ever experienced in the Paddock Club. Do you enjoy going from the roar of the engines to yachts beyond compare to make sure the party never ends? Better yet, enjoy the posh Monaco F1 experience with drivers and dignitaries from around the world but your wish is our command. As part of Eminence, we have access to invite only F1 celebrations. Dubai is the home to some of the world’s most important events and Eminence has you covered. Whether it is a business conference at the Dubai World Trade Centre or an event which encompasses the entire downtown area, we know where the critical locations are for you and make it a breeze to efficiently move from one place to another, all in style. We cater to the value of time through scheduling and a personal butler makes sure unexpected changes are handled with ease. Art lover? Home to priceless paintings and other incredibly beautiful museums, we provide bespoke adventures so that you can enjoy them all to yourselves.

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